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P-Toluenesulfonyl isocyanate

Common name:p-Toluenesulfonyl isocyanate

Molecular formula: C8H7NO3S

Molecular weight: 197.21

CAS No: 4083-64-1

Physicochemical properties:

Colorless transparent liquid with low viscosity. Specific gravity: 1.29, viscosity:10mpa.s; boiling point: 270℃; freezing point: 5℃; flash point:>100℃; hue:≤1
Quality index: content≥98.0%

Uses: pharmaceutical intermediate

Packing: 200 KG steel-plastic drum

Storage and transportation: shelf life is one year if the product is kept in original package under the condition of correct storage. To protect from light and heat.

Structural formula:


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